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LBM Bucks: Elevate Your Business with Every Referral


LBM Bucks is an innovative trade-in credit system designed exclusively for the vibrant community of small businesses partnering with Laredo Business Magazine. This unique program empowers your business to earn valuable credits that can be applied towards a wide array of marketing services offered by our agency, from digital advertising to event sponsorships and beyond.

Enhanced Visibility

Use LBM Bucks to secure prime advertising spots, increasing your business's visibility to a broader audience.

Community Support

Encourage the community to support local businesses through the referral program, fostering a network of mutual growth and success.


Choose from a variety of marketing services that best suit your current needs and goals, offering you the flexibility to adapt and evolve.

Offset your marketing costs by utilizing LBM Bucks, enabling you to allocate your financial resources to other areas of your business.

Cost Efficiency

Gain access to special promotions, events, and marketing initiatives available only to participants in the LBM Bucks program.

Exclusive Opportunities

Every time someone uses your business's unique referral code to purchase ad space within Laredo Business Magazine, your account is credited with LBM Bucks. These Bucks act as currency within our ecosystem, allowing you to reinvest in your business's growth by accessing top-tier marketing services—without the traditional out-of-pocket expenses.

How It Works

Joining the LBM Bucks program is simple. Sign up to receive your unique referral code, start promoting your presence in Laredo Business Magazine, and watch your LBM Bucks accumulate with each new ad space purchase made through your referral. It's a win-win, enhancing your marketing reach while supporting the local business ecosystem.

 every referral.

Getting Started

Reach New Heights

Embrace the power of community and partnership with LBM Bucks, and take your business to new heights with every referral.

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